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Documentation Guide#

Getting started with Fondant#

Learn about the Fondant project and how to get started with it.

→ Start with the official guide on how to install Fondant.
→ Get started by running your first fondant pipeline using the local runner.
→ Learn how to build your own Fondant Pipeline and implement your own custom components.
→ Learn how to use the data explorer to explore the outputs of your pipeline.

Fondant fundamentals#

Learn how to use Fondant to build your own data processing pipeline.

-> Design your own fondant pipeline using the Fondant pipeline SDK.
-> Use existing reusable components to build your pipeline.

-> Build your own custom component using the Fondant component SDK.
-> Learn how to publish your own components to a container registry so that you can reuse them in your pipelines.

Components hub#

Have a look at the components hub to see what components are available.

Fondant Runners#

Learn how to run your Fondant pipeline on different platforms.


-> LocalRunner: ideal for developing fondant pipelines and components faster.
-> VertexRunner: used for running a fondant pipeline on Vertex AI.
-> KubeflowRunner: used for running a fondant pipeline on a Kubeflow cluster.
-> SageMakerRunner: used for running a fondant pipeline on a SageMaker pipelines ( 🚧 Coming Soon 🚧).

Fondant Explorer#

Discover how to utilize the Fondant data explorer to navigate your pipeline outputs, including visualizing intermediary steps between components.

Advanced Concepts#

Learn about some of the more advanced concepts in Fondant.

-> Learn more about the architecture of Fondant and how it works under the hood.
-> Understand how Fondant passes data between components with the manifest.
-> Learn how Fondant uses caching to speed up your pipeline development.
-> Find out how Fondant uses partitions to parallelize and scale your pipeline and how you can use it to your advantage.


Learn how to contribute to the Fondant project through our contribution guidelines.


Check out our latest announcements about Fondant.