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Publishing components

Building and publishing components#

Before you can use your custom component within your pipeline you have to build the component into a Docker container. The Fondant CLI offers a specialized fondant build command designed explicitly for this task.

fondant build <component dir> -t <image tag>

It's important to note that the fondant build command offers additional arguments. To access a complete list of all available arguments, you can execute fondant build -h.

from import build_component

component_dir = <path_to_component_dir>
tag = <optiona_docker_tag>

Ensure that the component directory refers to the accurate path of the directory where your component is located.

The tag arguments is used to specify the Docker container tag. When specified, the tag in the referenced component specification yaml will also be updated, ensuring that the next dataset workflow run correctly references the image.


When developing custom components using the local runner, building and publishing components is not required. That is because components that are not located in the registry (local custom components) will be built automatically by the local runner. This allows for quicker iteration during component development.