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Getting started#

For demonstration purposes, we'll build an example dataset with a workflow that downloads and filter images from the fondant-cc-25m creative commons image dataset.

Clone the Fondant GitHub repository#

git clone

Install the requirements#

Install the requirements.txt

pip install -r requirements.txt

And make sure that Docker Compose is installed.

Materialize a dataset#

navigate into the src folder:

cd src

And materialize the dataset locally using the fondant cli:

fondant run local --working_directory ./data-dir


For local testing purposes, the workflow will only download the first 100 images.

Inspect the results#

Congrats, you just materialized your first Fondant dataset! To visually inspect the results between every workflow step, you can use the fondant explorer:

fondant explore start --base_path ./data-dir

Building your own dataset#

To learn how to build your own dataset, you can: - Check out the dataset.ipynb notebook in the example repository which runs through the steps to build the dataset one by one. - Continue to the next guide on building your own dataset