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Documentation Guide#

Getting started with Fondant#

Learn about the Fondant project and how to get started with it.

→ Start with the official guide on how to install Fondant.
→ Get started by running your first fondant dataset using the local runner.
→ Learn how to build your own Fondant Dataset and implement your own custom components.
→ Learn how to use the data explorer to explore your dataset.

Fondant fundamentals#

Learn how to use Fondant to build your own datasets.

-> Build your own fondant dataset using the Fondant dataset SDK.
-> Use existing reusable components to build your dataset.
-> Build your own custom lightweight component and share them by packaging them into containerized component using the Fondant component SDK.
-> Learn how to publish your own components to a container registry so that you can reuse them in your workflows.

Components hub#

Have a look at the components hub to see what components are available.

Fondant Runners#

Learn how to run your Fondant workflow to materialize your datasets on different platforms.


-> LocalRunner: ideal for developing fondant datasets and components faster.
-> VertexRunner: used for running a fondant workflows on Vertex AI.
-> KubeflowRunner: used for running a fondant workflows on a Kubeflow cluster.
-> SageMakerRunner: used for running a fondant workflows on a SageMaker.

Fondant Explorer#

Discover how to utilize the Fondant data explorer to investigate your dataset, including visualizing intermediary steps between components.

Advanced Concepts#

Learn about some of the more advanced concepts in Fondant.

-> Learn more about the architecture of Fondant and how it works under the hood.
-> Learn how Fondant uses caching to speed up your dataset development.
-> Find out how Fondant uses partitions to parallelize and scale your workflows and how you can use it to your advantage.
-> Learn how to setup a Kubeflow to run your Fondant workflow on a Kubeflow cluster.


Learn how to contribute to the Fondant project through our contribution guidelines.


Check out our latest announcements about Fondant.