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Fondant 0.6 brings Vertex AI support and more#

Hi all, we released Fondant 0.6, which brings some major new features and improvements:

🌀 Vertex AI is now supported as a backend for pipeline execution.

Simply run fondant run vertex to submit your pipeline. Run fondant run vertex --help to see the possible configuration options.

📦 The reusable components are now available on DockerHub under the fndnt organization.

DockerHub is supported more broadly than Github container registry which we were using before.

Previously executed components are now cached when re-executed with the same arguments.

This makes it easier to iterate on development of down-stream components This allows you to resume failed pipelines from their failed step

👷 Added fondant build command which let's you build fondant components easily

Run fondant build . Check fondant build -h for options. The command will also update the image reference in the fondant_component.yaml to the newly built one.

2️⃣ We migrated from KfP v1 to KfP v2.

This means: We now benefit from the latest KfP developments We compile fondant pipelines to the IR YAML format, which is supported by other execution engines such as Vertex You need a KfP v2 cluster to run fondant pipelines

📚 We added an example pipeline and reusable components for RAG indexing

Have a look at

🛠️ Install it now using fondant==0.6.2

Let us know what you think!